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Frankie B's- Parramatta, NSW

Anouk & Co was engaged to design a unique interior for this unique dining concept inspired by comforting street food. To develop the interior design concept, our design team researched and were inspired by the graffiti art, neon lights of street food culture.

We located the bar in the centre of the space to create a focal point. The monochromatic utensils created an organic feature ceiling and wall which was inspired by the controlled chaos of Nonna’s kitchen. Behind the bar, Anouk & Co designed panels that formed a pattern inspired by traditional Italian biscotti. Banquette seating upholstered in blue linen with timber elements bring a sense of home cooking comfort. Juxtaposed with retro elements, graffiti and neon lighting create a modern space full of nostalgic elements to remind you of the journey.

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