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Perama 2.0- Petersham, NSW

Perama 2.0 is the continuation of a journey to evolve and innovate Greek food.
The original Perama by celebrated chef David Tsirekas, closed its doors in 2011. The relaunch of Perama 2.0 in 2021 required an interior design that respected the history whilst embedding a modern twist to reflect the menu. In order to develop the interior design concept, our design team researched Greece extensively, we were inspired by the textures of the renders and palette of whites, blues and greens.

Anouk & Co placed the bar downstairs, which acts as a focal point. The marble bar, inspired by the Aegean Sea is made of Verde Tinos, a green marble from Greece. Behind the bar, Anouk & Co designed joinery that incorporates antique mirrors and brass lighting. Overall, the space was layered with different textures, timber and marble to transport you to where it all started.

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